Tech talent recruitment

If you struggle to find top tech talent for your business, search no more – let us take care of the recruitment process and expect perfectly matched candidates apply for the roles with your company.

Our services

Direct Search

Set up office in Poland

Direct search is our primary and the most effective tool in the sourcing strategy. We reach out to technology talents who typically are not active in the job market, attract and engage them in the recruitment process for the role with your company. This includes screening and selecting best fitted candidates, so that your HR department or Hiring Manager can focus on other tasks, rather than spending numerous hours on reviewing dozens of applicants’ profiles. Each candidate’s resume is accompanied by a recommendation which answers most of the questions you might have at this stage of candidate screening. This saves you a lot of time and effort and allows for efficient interviewing of a few short-listed candidates.

If you intend to launch or extend your nearshore or offshore operations to Poland, we will provide you with a full support and consultancy. We will assist you in the market research, legal issues, office space selection, and obviously in the recruitment of the core staff members. Regardless whether you are a small startup or a big, well-established business, we will gladly discuss your needs and expectations, address any concerns you might have and come up with some practical advice on the local services or solutions you require. We will do our best to help you run your operations in a smooth and efficient way from day one.



We recommend Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to startups or small businesses, who are not willing to hire a full time in-house recruiter for their company. Within this service we will fulfill such role and provide you with a comprehensive recruitment service as required and when required. This can be done either off-site or on-site, depending on your preferences.

Using our network of experienced IT mentors and team leaders, we organise and deliver trainings for your tech teams to facilitate communication within the team. The range of the trainings includes both soft-skills development for tech teams and basic programming training for the non-tech staff.