Effective and reliable source for tech talent recruitment

Whatever recruitment challenge you face, you can be sure our team of TechRecruiters will be able to help you with it and provide a top-notch service that will meet and exceed your expectations. At the launch of each recruitment project, we will thorogoughly analyse available strategies and apply the most efficient sourcing techniques and channels to deliver best results – perfectly matched candidates for the technology roles you need to fill. With an excellent insight and relations within the tech industry, we are able to reach out to the candidates that are not on the radar of other recruiters and get them interested in your job offer. 

Your success is driven by the people you hire

In our activities, we combine our recruitment experience with the latest recruitment technology, as well as professional assessment tools to ensure we present only the best matched candidates. But you do not need to take our word for it – just try our service out and see for yourself. With a range of co-operation models, you can choose the one that fits your organisation best.

Why partner with us?

We recruit for the specialist positions in the IT industry and engineering. We know the market, how it works, what the trends and technologies are, how it changes and develops. We are passionate about building a strong link between the tech professionals and employers that are seeking to hire best talents.  

We are seasoned professionals with a couple years’ of experience in recruiting for the most demanding IT and engineering roles. We  have sucessfully completed dozens of recruitment projects on the extremely competitive candidate market. We know where to look for candidates and how to convince them to apply for a role with your company.

We focus on delivering quality recommendations only. We always make sure that the recommeded candidates are perfectly aligned with the role description, thoroughly screened and informed about all the conditions offered.

Our recruitment process is transparent. You receive regular updates on the actions we undertake to find perfect employees for you. You can track how the candidate pipeline develops with each week of ongoing project, what  candidates inquire about, how the offer is received. On top of that, we provide Clients with other valuable information from the market, which can be used as input for employer branding activities.  

While recruiting for you, we are kind of ambassadors of your company. The way recruitment process is conducted may impact candidates’ perception of our and your business. It is our top priority to make sure that the communication within the project is smooth, information provided to candidates accurate and the appropriate feedback shared.